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About us

Thank you for visiting our page.

founded in the year 2007 as “Norsur Trading” which was offering vehicles in the most competitive and cost-effective prices considering costumers’ profit. We decided to change its name to “NS Premium Used Cars (NSPUC)” in order to clarify and express our mission in the company name towards used car sales.

 Norsur Trading used to offer good services and cars in the most competitive prices.

 Nowadays, under the circumstances of an excessive competition, some of the used car dealers are forced to ignore the quality to survive and deteriorated the reputation of used cars.

Due to these, we are very much aware that many of the customers need a company that offers not only cheap cars but also high quality cars with precise information even if it would affect the prices.  (the value of the car will be calculated including every cost, transportation and maintenance until it reaches to the users hand.)

 In the occasion of changing company name,  we swore to offer you the most cost-effective cars as follows:

 We clarify the vehicles’ condition in the website as detailed as possible

 Will try our best to meet your requirements including modifications, replacement of expendable parts and or repairs (it might cost an extra charge).

Will also try our best to make the arrangements so that your purchased car reaches you as quick as possible and in good condition.

 What matters most is to put practice by good knowledge/experience of automotive engineering supported by a great communication ability and we are well prepared to go for it.

 Last but not least, we really hope that every customer becomes a fan and supporter of NSPUC. Aiming this, we will do our utmost ability to satisfy you.

Trust us for your regret-free purchase!